Sunday, October 24, 2010

Leopard print

Well, this is my first entry. I have been thinking for a while to create a blog where I could post things that I like I am! I will write on topics that inspire me and that make me passionate.
I already created a blog years and years ago but I wasn't constant and finally I forgot about it completely.
As you have probably noticed I am a not a native English speaker so I will do grammar errors (sorry!). I hope my English improves as I am get used to it. By the way, sometimes  I may write in my mother tongue.

Although animals prints were in fashion other seasons I didn't dare to wear it until now. I prefer leopard print in shoes and foulards which I would wear with a LBD.
Here I leave you some lepoard printed shoes that I loved:
 Balmain 1510$
Christian Louboutin 925$

Jimmy choo 495$
 Lavin ballerina 955$
Miu miu 790$

Pretty Ballerinas 169€ 
Zara 49.95€

Zara 69.95€

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